Third National SSC Workshop (2010)

ABC Control Rule Implementation and Peer Review Procedures

October 19 - 21, 2010 — Charleston, SC

In 2006, the Magnuson-Stevens Act (MSA) was revised to require that each regional fishery management council’s Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) provide its Council ongoing scientific advice for fishery management decisions, including recommendations for acceptable biological catch (ABC), and other advice regarding fisheries sustainability. The regional fishery management Councils recognized that these revisions to the Act increased the demands placed on their SSCs and supported a meeting of all the national SSCs to discuss common challenges and help develop common solutions.

The South Atlantic Council hosted this third annual gathering of the SSCs in Charleston, South Carolina. Representatives reported on progress toward implementing ABC control rules and providing fishing level recommendations to their respective Councils. There was also a discussion of regional stock assessment peer review programs and the role of SSCs in those programs. 

Workshop Goals:

  • Continue the exchange of information and experiences between representatives of Regional Fishery Management Council SSCs.
  • Compare regional assessment peer review procedures, including the role of SSCs in those procedures.
  • Discuss progress on ABC control rule implementation and development of ABC recommendations that account for uncertainties. 

Download the workshop report below to learn more.